Save over $ 2,400 with this little advice

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Did you know that leaving your phone plugged after charging is done costs you around $2.50 a month? No? That is $30 a year in phone charging costs for one little cell phone. Now sum that up to an average human lifespan of 80 years and you will save 2,400 bucks in electricity costs. Again, just with one little phone. Those hidden phone charging costs are not only bad for your purse, but also bad for the environment. Coal has to be burned for it, nuclear waste has to be dumped somewhere in your vicinity. So a bit of energy awareness can help our planet and your financial situation. That is great!

And we are talking only about one – your cell phone… Your spouse, your kids and your friends most certainly have a cell phone too. You couldn’t call them if it weren’t so, right? And they are even more likely to leave the charger plugged, day and night. This can get really huge if you think about other electrical devices in your household that are constantly connected to a charger or to the power grid. For example your television set, your computer and your fancy coffee machine. You’d be surprised how many devices are plugged needlessly all the time.

That why you should go and check the devices in your home, cut down your energy costs easily and share your money saving insight down below in the comment section.
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Just remember to unplug the charger once it’s duty is done and make a smart money saving habit out of it.

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