Electrical Safety

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You and your families safety is our first priority which I take very serious and personal. Placing cover guards in receptacles, replacing broken switches & receptacles, making sure your power cords are in good shape are all important safety issues, however, I am referring to a different type of safety issue.The issues that you cant see or realize, and only a professional electrician with years of experience can identify and correct.

Ashpile in breaker box
Ashpile in breaker box – electrical fire danger
Wire melted in breaker box
Wire melted in breaker box – electrical fire danger

This customer informed me that lights would flicker, and sometimes half the house electricity would not work. When they checked the breakers everything seemed fine. This is what I found after I removed the panel cover.
The grey stuff you see in the red circle is ash.The ash is the result of the black terminal block being cooked away. The red arrow is pointing to the void which at one time was a piece of the black terminal block.

This terminal block became so hot it actually started melting the insulation off of the main service cable which provides power to the entire house.You can also see the ash pile from the terminal block.

Terminal Block fell apart
Terminal Block fell apart

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The terminal block literally fell apart when removed to be replaced.


This is a great example of an Electrical Safety issue you cant see or identify because it is hidden behind your breaker box cover which could have easily resulted in fire, electrocution, or even death.

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